IT Managed Services


Outsourced IT managed services for businesses of all sizes

● High quality and tailored IT managed services.
● On-site support/remote support.
● Expert and reliable team.
● Network management and data centres.
● Quick response times (<2hrs).
● Focus on secure systems.
● Warehouse and logistic services, sanitisation and e-waste disposal.


Reliable IT support services for smooth operations.

Systems are down, and everyone's stress levels are up. The last thing you want to deal with on a busy work day is a flood of complex or niggly IT service issues.

Get a cost-effective, flexible IT support service that doesn't eat away at your profit, saves you time and boosts your service delivery. We provide DAAS (Desktop As a service), SAAS (Software as a service), NAAS (Network as a service), SAAS (Staff as a service) and IAAS (Infrastructure as a service).


Organisations are focusing more on outsourcing their IT. 57%
of executives reported spending more money on IT managed services.

Global Outsourcing Survey 2022, Deloitte.


Fewer disruptions, more productivity

● Our managed services are designed for companies looking to streamline and optimise their IT.
● Robust hosting and infrastructure to keep operations running smoothly and better handle heavy loads.
● 24/7 IT service desk so help is available whenever you need it.
● Proactive monitoring of systems and networks to minimise downtime.
● Remote IT support so you get help out of hours.
● Install, move, add, change, and uninstall any of your IT systems (IMACD) with help from our expert staff.
● Infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS) technology to help your business migrate to the cloud.
● Software updates and de-bugging to ensure smooth processes.
● Ensures network resources are available to users fast and cost-efficiently.
● Ensures access is granted to authorised users only and revokes access in a timely manner.
● Managed print services to avoid disruptions to business operations.
● On-demand warehouse and logistic service for IT equipment.




Rex Technologies delivers on all three factors that are important to me – reliability, knowledge and flexibility and it helps me plan my work days. They are knowledgeable, confident and good at building trust when talking to the end user which means I can rely on them. I’ve also been able to add more value to the company by focusing on growth and systems improvement, instead of trying to manage the day-to-day IT needs of the company.

Siddharth Oza, IT manager

Astellas Pharma Australia

No frustration or delays,
just smooth business operations

24/7 service desk

Our IT service desk is available 24/7. Access to IT support staff is only a phone call away. We deliver a fast and reliable service—whether your computer is down on Monday morning or sometime when you are halfway around the globe.

Proactive monitoring

We do everything needed to protect your network, from preventative maintenance, to performing immediate repairs. Our Virtual Administrator software sends alerts into a web interface that allows us to monitor any server, workstation, switch, router, and printer from a single interface.

Hosting and Infrastructure

Hosting solutions offer an affordable choice for infrastructure and application hosting to managed cloud services. Our software solutions are scalable and robust enough to keep up with your business needs, even for rapid-growth businesses.

Managed print services

Get insights into printer performance and take action to reduce costs with our simple yet powerful data tools. Our experts can handle updates remotely and set up trouble-shooting measures to prevent printer downtime.

Remote IT Support

Our team works fast to resolve your problems and keep your system running smoothly. Our IT service desk is available for small businesses too. We work quickly to get you back online and working again!

IMACD services

We can manage the most complex IT infrastructure projects, with minimal disruption to your business.

Software management

Our solutions keep you up to date with the latest cyber security threats so you’re protected. We offer real-time reporting on your IT network to identify and manage new software updates and help with license renewals and uninstalls remotely.

Network management

We setup, configure and maintain your networks saving you time and headaches in looking after it.

Warehouse and logistic service for IT equipment

We provide an affordable storage and distribution service with door-to-door delivery and real-time inventory management.

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