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Astellas Pharma onboards new employees quicker







Service type

Astellas Pharma Inc. outsources its IT service delivery to Rex Technologies as part of a global contract. We look after Astellas’s IT hardware and systems in Australia and help set up equipment and system access for new employees.

About the client

Astellas is a pharmaceutical company with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Astellas Pharma Australia is based in Macquarie Park NSW. As of March 2023, the company employs over 14,000 employees worldwide, 70 employees in Australia and generated a total revenue of 1.5 billion yen or 15 million Australian dollars. Its main business is manufacturing, marketing, and import and export of pharmaceuticals.

Challenge: Inflexible IT service delivery

Astellas Pharma Australia found their previous service provider to be inflexible when it came to changing the days and times for urgent, on-site support for unplanned IT issues.

Our solution: Flexible and fast response times

Rex Technologies has an SLA with Astellas Pharma Australia that includes local and on-site support in case of unforeseen incidents. On-site support is flexible and fast, and 80% of IT issues get resolved within 2 hours (a key SLA metric).

As part of IT managed services, we also help new employees get set up with the right devices and systems access so they can start working immediately and not feel stressed about accessing the information they need to do their jobs. It helps new hires get settled in quickly and be more productive.

Results: Focus on business growth, improvement and higher productivity

Outsourcing IT services to Rex Technologies allowed Astellas’ IT manager to focus on business growth and continuous systems improvement instead of daily IT equipment setup and systems issues. New employees are also able to start working from the first day and service desk requests are resolved within 2 hours or less.


  1. New employees often comment on how smooth the onboarding process is when it comes to receiving and being able to use their devices quickly.
  2. Employees report high customer satisfaction with the company’s IT service delivery.
  3. Higher productivity – New employees start working from their first day and do not have to wait days or weeks before they can access information.

Client testimonial

Rex Technologies delivers on all three factors that are important to me – reliability, knowledge and flexibility and it helps me plan my work days. They are knowledgeable, confident and good at building trust when talking to the end user which means I can rely on them.

If we have an issue, Ali and his team make sure it’s resolved quickly so the employee can get back to work. I like the fact that Rex Technologies provides local and on-site support so I can build rapport with them as a service provider.

I’ve also been able to add more value to the company by focusing on growth and systems improvement, instead of trying to manage the day-to-day IT needs of the company.

Siddharth Oza, IT manager, Astellas Pharma Australia.

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